‘How-to’s and explainers relating to specific aspects of personal finance for those working in the creative industries

  • Mentoring and the creative industries: How can a mentor help you?
    We talk mentoring for creative workers, with I Like Networking’s Isabel Sachs There has been an increasing awareness around the concept of mentoring in the creative industries for the past few years. The pandemic has only supercharged this trend. I spoke to Isabel Sachs, founder of I Like Networking, about the benefits of mentoring, how […]
  • Coronavirus financial help for UK creative workers
    Want to know what’s available in your sector? Start here… This piece was first posted in July, 2020. However, the pandemic has dragged on and with it the devastating impacts on the lives and livelihoods of many of those in the creative industries. This is now the third fourth update of this page. There is […]
  • How I keep track of money in roughly 30 minutes a month
    Keeping track of money doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. In fact, it should be just the opposite. One thing I’ve learned from running sessions on money management for creative students is that a fear of checking the bank balance is really common. I know the feeling. I had a fairly privileged ride through […]
  • How to sort out your personal finances in 5 stupidly simple steps
    Keeping track of your personal finances can be confusing and painful, so let’s try to layout a path that’s easy to follow The problem with money is that it’s everywhere. It is in your fridge. Your shoes. Your education. The very screen you are reading this on. It is zapping from your smartphone in myriad […]
  • Can you buy happiness? 5 principles for happier spending
    Trying to buy happiness itself is unlikely to work, but changing the way you spend and consume can help you to get more of it No one gets into creative work for the money. However, as I started to discuss last week in my How to spend money piece, the resulting limitations on our funds […]
  • How to spend money
    Never have enough money for the things you actually want? Try thinking about your happiness, instead… Most of us think that we know how to spend money – it’s the one thing we don’t need help with. Yet adopting an approach where we question why we’re spending is the principle that will, over the long […]
  • The best budgeting apps for UK creative workers
    Untangle your personal finances with our guide to the best budgeting apps for UK creative-types Working in the creative industries has its ups and downs – and not least when it comes to our cashflow. This can make it really hard to budget effectively. The best budgeting apps make this process much less painful, taking full […]
  • How does Patreon work for artists and creators?
    Wondering how to start a Patreon page? Our in-depth guide takes you through the dos and don’ts, with expert insights from UK podcasters RedHanded. Patreon is becoming an important platform for creatives looking to fund their work. Based in the US, the service launched in 2013 when YouTuber Jack Conte teamed-up with former college roommate […]
  • How to start saving (when you don’t think you can)
    You know you should start saving but you don’t. Can we change that? Everyone knows they should be saving, but while this painfully obvious advice is wheeled-out ad nauseam, the bigger issue is HOW to start saving in the face of personal limitations, whether they’re financial or mental. Here are five tips to help you […]
  • UK arts funding, grants and development opportunities
    Here you’ll find a list of UK arts funding opportunities, split into sectors. Also included are other grants and selected development or training opportunities relevant to the creative industries. Current opportunities will usually appear first in the Creative Money newsletter and then filter through to this page. The newsletter is totally free, so sign-up below […]
  • How to manage your money on a variable income
    Are you self-employed, freelance, or a contractor with a variable income? Here’s how to cope with the financial peaks and troughs Nearly half of creative workers (47%) are freelance or self-employed (source: ONS, 2017). Chief among those are writers, producers, artists and directors – it’s a large and significant part of almost all creative industries. […]

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